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Deliberate Shift, LLC is a business, marketing, and customer experience consulting firm that digs deep to discover where you shine. We're passionate about business and we're ready to accomplish great things with you!

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We create business strategies that make our clients stand out from the crowd. Our specialized approach provides you with a thorough assessment of your business and a comprehensive, holistic plan for success!

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We’re Shifting to Help People Find Jobs They Love

 After about eight years of informally consulting (mostly part-time outside of my “day job”), I launched Deliberate Shift in 2012. My intention was to work with businesses who were ready to take a “deliberate shift” and focus on an area they had previously overlooked: the customer experience. Customer experience is a way that companies blend marketing, customer service, and sales to help make the … [Read More...]

“What Happened to Your Articles?”

 I had someone email me the other day and ask what happened to my blog. I'd had some really successful articles – one that even went crazy viral on LinkedIn – so it was heartbreaking to have to delete them. As is sometimes the case when working on a WordPress platform, my site got hacked...the dreaded Pharma Hack specifically. It's an ugly one and really did a number on my website and Google … [Read More...]